Southern Farmer - 1 Nov 2021

Table of content - Southern Farmer (1 Nov 2021)

Embracing AgTech invites consumers to Invest Inya Farm
Embracing AgTech invites consumers to Invest Inya Farm
Meyer unable to defend Timbersports title
Life membership for retiring Irrewillipe farmer
Avocado growers’ bid to sell fruit pays off
Farmers working together for the YV
Fresh guarantee
Fire pumps... what you need to know
Polaris increases contributions to SxS safety
Supercharged $14.1m program to support nation’s vegetable growers
Introducing Fence-Line Solutions’ new Brace-T
Australian food prices rise across the board
Silver lining for wool in Chinese power move
High-risk plant pest specimens headed for collections
User friendly pump automatically switches function in fire emergencies
High fertiliser prices may impact livestock markets
Dealer sentiment positive about state of the farm machinery industry

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