Australian Forests and Timber - 3 Jun 2020

Table of content - Australian Forests and Timber (3 Jun 2020)

Forwarding On…
A by-election like no other
Eden-Monaro result will be vital for the timber industry.
From little things big things grow
Key Points
Forestry a family affair for Fennells
Aussie mills prepared for tough times
What role can the native forestry industry have in the management of wildlife, bushfires and climate change?
Emphasising forestry as an opportunity, not a threat
What measures can be used to emphasise forestry as an opportunity, not a threat, in progressing opportunities for the forestry industry in Australia?
How important will the native timber industry be in assisting Australia out of the economic downturn following COVID-19?
Tigercat attachments praised for durability and performance
John Deere getting into the swing
Two new harvester heads
Looking Back
SATCO’s first unit still in operations after 40,000 hours on the job
Critical Australia backs biofuels industry
SA Pine cashing in with no risk

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